John Parr & USA Cares

John Parr: My “Mission”

America gave me a chance.The Mission

For that, I am among its most devoted patriots. I am a foreigner – a Brit.  I feel a special kinship with America.Our countries share a heritage, a history and the same language.

We both believe in freedom, and we’ve fought for it. British and American soldiers have long fought and died together which makes it easy to understand why America’s military is such a special lot. These are ordinary people who do extraordinary things and then come home and try to become ordinary people once again. An incredibly difficult and deeply personal journey.  It is my mission to raise awareness and financial support for this cause.

Through the years I've wondered what I could do as a true American friend to show my appreciation of the military and to bring global understanding of what it has done for the world. So I did what I think I do best: I began to write songs that I believe show my deep respect and gratitude for the American military, in the hope that these songs will bring perspective and understanding of their sacrifice both on and off the field of battle.

Helping me in that quest is USA Cares. This national organization’s mission is to help bear the burdens that often come with service by assisting post-9/11 military and their families when they(1) need assistance in their treatment for injuries (especially PTSD and TBI), (2) require help in getting a job or (3) hit a financial bump in the road. USA Cares works tirelessly to keep the car in the driveway, food on the table and a roof over the heads of our military when they are threatened with financial crisis.

I am sincerely donating proceeds of my album, “The Mission,” to help USA Cares raise funds and awareness for the rehabilitation and the support of the military and their families, especially as they return home and make the journey back into a normal life.
My vision and motivation when writing songs for “The Mission” were the same as when I was faced with the challenge of writing a song about a recently disabled teenager whose dream was to circumnavigate the globe in his wheelchair. That song, “St. Elmo’s Fire” and its “Man in Motion” campaign has helped raise over a quarter of a billion dollars for spinal injury research to date.

With your help, I believe that “The Mission,” will surpass that.